Black Hologram

Black Lidogram is the name of a technology that allows you to create incredibly bright and realistic bas-relief diffraction images. The three-dimensional device demonstrates all the main features of a real object: bas-relief effect, matte and glossy surface textures, structural pastel and achromatic colors.

Black Lidogram uses advanced electron beam lithography techniques to produce devices that control light precisely and in a variety of ways at the nanometer level. The smooth change in shadows and semitones, characteristic of Black Lidogram technology, is achieved by using special subwavelength gratings that produce diffraction black color. This explains the name of the technology.


At first glance, diffraction black looks like it’s printed in paint, but tilt the Black Lidogram and look at the device at an acute angle to see the black change to a rich, pure color of red or green. This feature is also used as a distinctive feature of Black Lidogram when checking for authenticity.

As a result, we have created an optical diffraction device that has unique properties and is successfully used to protect brands, products and documents.


Black Lidogram devices combine extraordinary aesthetic and security features and are used in the design of tax stamps, ID documents, passports, and banknotes.

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