Hologram Origination


Advanced Nano Optical Technology

Over recent years we have established ourselves in the market by our brand LIDOGRAM, a technology for computer generation and synthesizing of Optical Variable Devises (OVD).

E-Beam Lithography

In 2014 our company complete a project, investing in new equipment and we switched from optical to E-BEAM lithography.

Now we are E-Lidogram


This new investment confirm E-IDOGRAM brand as a symbol of quality and reliability.

The major advantage of the E-LIDOGRAM is its extremely high image resolution for the entire area of the graphical image – 2 000 000 dpi

E-LIDOGRAM fulfills all 3 levels of security for protection of documents and trademarks.


Security features for identification with human eye – Visual Control



Security features for identification with special equipment



Security features for Expert Control


More about E-LIDOGRAM, comparison with other competing techniques for recording of holograms and the variety of special effects offered by us, you can find at our website www.LIDOGRAM.com

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