INTERGRAF ISO14298 Certificate

In September Demax Holograms Plc. successfully passed audit according to requirements of the standard for Security Printers

The result of the examination was positive as a result of which INTERGRAF issues again certificate Government level

Excellence in Holography Awards 2017

Again Number One!

During the annual IHMA forum in Barselona, Demax Holograms was nominated and won the prize for Best Origination

WINNER  for 1001 Hollars

The nano-optical feature, Hollars, contains unique visual security features that includes:

•            3D sculpture effect in 2 different pastel colours

•             Full parallax motion effect visible in diffusion light

•             Interference pastel colours

•             Diffractive black colour with flip to rainbow

•             3D motion visible under spot light

•             3D low-chromatic sculpture

•             Zero-order colour shift effect


DEMAX HOLOGRAMS was awarded also for hologram

This special origination was created to demonstrate the symbiosis between a beautiful design and the highest level of optical security for protection of passport data pages and banknotes.

Nano-optical elements that are as marvellous as Bulgarian embroidery and as difficult and complicated as climbing the peak K2.

Excellence in Holography Awards 2016

Excellence in Holography Awards 2016


IHMA awards for Innovation in Holographic Technology and Best Origination

On 28-30th of Novermber was held the annual conference of International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) in Warsaw for companies all around the world to show off their products and discuss various topics about the industry.

During this time, the association also holds the annual awards in 5 different categories. Demax Holograms participated for the first time in this competition in the 2 most important categories: Innovation in Holographic Technology and Best Origination. We won both of them, which was an amazing achievement for us.

“Egyptian Fantasy”

The Nano-Optical Element is developed by Electron-Beam holographic technology and its resolution is 15 nm. The item combines a number of innovative techniques including 2D pastel colors of the background sub-wavelength structures through which created the black color of the characters, achromatic 3D sculptural effect and others

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Excellence in Holography Awards 2016

New Security Features

As we already announced before, we are armed with new equipment.

Using the advantages the e-beam technology, our team has developed some new security features, unknown on the market.

The concept of our new developments is to impose a completely new image of the protected products.

Target markets are highly protected products such as personal documents, banknotes, tax-stamps.

Now inventions await their customers.

The example of a newly established advertising OVD offer some new techniques: Pastel colors and Holographic black; 3D Motions and reliefs; Lens effects. 

Pastel colors

For more information please visit our LIDOGRAM site

New Production Base

Implementing the basic strategy for the development of the company,  Demax Holograms acquired a new production area in order to perform two basic tasks:

  1. Extension of the production capacity;
  2. Increasing security measures.

The new factory has a territory of 30,000 sq. m and total production area 24 000 sq. m, a separate area with a high level of control (High security zone), especially for holograms and documents manufacturing.

The reconstruction of the building is designed in accordance with the requirements of:

  1. Classified Information Protection Act with level “Secret” and “Confidential” access to the EU and NATO certifications;
  2. Intergraf – ISO 14298 – Security Management printing processes;
  3. The system of quality management ISO 9001: 2008;
  4. System Information Security ISO 27001.



Company Demax Holograms invests in new Electronic beam lithograph. The new technology will  develop our origination system, adding a lot of new security features. The equipment will be installed in June 2014.

ISO 27001:2005

The company was certified with ISO 27001:2005 certificate for Information Security


The company has invested in equipment for production and application of holographic strip.

We could supply as well holographic strips in spools and security papers in rolls.

Technical capabilities:

11 channel Hologram Strip applicator

reel diameter for unwinding/rewinding stations: 1000mm,
pneumatic shafts diameter for unwinding rewinding stations: 70mm,
maximum paper path: 540mm,
maximum application width 520mm,
paper weight: 60 – 280 g/m2, paper thickness 70 – 320 micron
hologram spool: reel core diameter 76mm, external diameter: 250/300mm,
hologram stripes width: min. 3mm, max. 10mm,
minimum distance between flanked strips 40mm,
mechanic speed 100m/min, depending on quality of material used.

Spooling equipment

Material thickness: 12 – 50 μm
Working width of slitting machine: max. 300 mm
Parent roll diameter: max. 800 mm
Parent roll cores: cardboard cores, 3” (76 mm) I.D.
Slitting width: 3-7 mm
Machine speed: max. 250 m/min

Cores Type: cardboard cores: 3” (76mm) I.D.
Core width: 250mm
Spooling width: max. 200 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 400 mm

Min strip width 2 mm
Max strip length 10 000 mm