Excellence in Holography Awards 2017

Again Number One!

During the annual IHMA forum in Barselona, Demax Holograms was nominated and won the prize for Best Origination

WINNER  for 1001 Hollars

The nano-optical feature, Hollars, contains unique visual security features that includes:

•            3D sculpture effect in 2 different pastel colours

•             Full parallax motion effect visible in diffusion light

•             Interference pastel colours

•             Diffractive black colour with flip to rainbow

•             3D motion visible under spot light

•             3D low-chromatic sculpture

•             Zero-order colour shift effect


DEMAX HOLOGRAMS was awarded also for  K2.bg hologram

This special origination was created to demonstrate the symbiosis between a beautiful design and the highest level of optical security for protection of passport data pages and banknotes.

Nano-optical elements that are as marvellous as Bulgarian embroidery and as difficult and complicated as climbing the peak K2.


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