New Production Base

Implementing the basic strategy for the development of the company,  Demax Holograms acquired a new production area in order to perform two basic tasks:

  1. Extension of the production capacity;
  2. Increasing security measures.

The new factory has a territory of 30,000 sq. m and total production area 24 000 sq. m, a separate area with a high level of control (High security zone), especially for holograms and documents manufacturing.

The reconstruction of the building is designed in accordance with the requirements of:

  1. Classified Information Protection Act with level “Secret” and “Confidential” access to the EU and NATO certifications;
  2. Intergraf – ISO 14298 – Security Management printing processes;
  3. The system of quality management ISO 9001: 2008;
  4. System Information Security ISO 27001.


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