Holographic card overlay


The E-LIDOGRAM® overlay is an ultra-secure thin edge-to-edge transfer film developed to provide exceptional protection of polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and composite cards against alteration and forgery.

With bright high-resolution imagery, the solution introduces an array of novel ground- breaking features for reliable, unambiguous and quick first-line authentication of plastic documents including national ID cards, driving licenses, voting, healthcare and social welfare cards.

Supplied in reel format to be laminated onto card surface, the overlay delivers the ultimate in tamper-resistant security and counterfeit resilience.



Level 1 – Identification with human eye

1. 3D pastel colour sculpture effect

Creating a strong illusion of shape and depth, the element displays matte pastel-coloured figure which appears to stand out against a flat surface giving the impression that the figure has been raised above the background plane.

2. 3D achromatic sculpture effect

The element displays achromatic characters which appear to stand out against a flat surface giving the impression that the characters have been raised above the background plane and creating an illusion of shape and depth.

3. Full-parallax motion effect

An unambiguous naked-eye feature displaying full displacement in the apparent position of an object with distinct up-down and left-right movements depending on the viewing angle.

Level 2 – Identification with special devices

4. Multi-plane dynamic image “e-Motion”

Lens magnification-based feature displaying an object moving in both horizontal and vertical directions when illuminated with a point source light.

5. Covert laser-readable image

Covert feature consisting of a static image invisible to the human eye and revealed when illuminated with a simple laser device.

6. Dynamic hidden image

Invisible to the naked eye, an image of the running lion and morphing of letters DH and OK are revealed when the feature is illuminated with a laser device

7. Non-periodic micro-text

Visible through a magnifier, the feature reproduces text characterized by a lack of periodicity

Level 3 – Expert control identification

8. Nano-hatching

Visible through a microscope, the feature reproduces text dispersed randomly in the diffractive grating with letter thickness similar to the grating period.

9. 3D Nano-sculpture effect

Three- dimensional images and characters visible through a microscope providing water-tight forensic-level security.

10. Half-tone raster

Continuous tone imagery displaying the symbol sized between 12 and 55 nm to generate a gradient-like effect seen under the microscope.

Demax Holograms is a leading player in the government documents and the high security printing sectors. At the forefront of nano-optical technologies, Demax Holograms offers an extensive product range comprising currency, passport and ID card security, as well as secure document, revenue and brand protection solutions currently found in over 70 countries.

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