Holographic passport polycarbonate Inlay


The E-LIDOGRAM® polycarbonate inlay is a new generation of ultra-secure optical solutions for the protection of polycarbonate ID cards and passport data pages. The solution introduces an array of novel ground-breaking features spread over the entire surface of the card or passport data page providing enhanced visual effects for reliable, unambiguous and quick first-line authentication of travel and identity documents. The optical nano-structures are embossed directly into a polycarbonate layer without the use of adhesives and integrated within the card or data page during the lamination process guaranteeing full brilliance of the imagery for the whole lifespan of the document. Creating an organic unit with background graphics and individual security elements the inlay delivers the ultimate in optical effects and tamper- resistant security for polycarbonate documents.

Polycarbonate passport inlay


Superior to other plastics or composite materials polycarbonate boasts unique optical and physical properties. Its high temperature and impact resistance allow for the production of long-lifespan travel and identity documents whilst the ability to embed visual security features within its monolithic structure makes it ideal as a substrate for high-security government-issued documents. The layers that make up the polycarbonate card or passport Data page are fused together during production and cannot be pulled apart individually. The optical imagery contained within the card structure cannot be accessed or tampered with using any mechanical means providing a sophisticated and truly future-proof solution for securing personal data against any form of manipulation and attack. Supplied pre-embossed on polycarbonate in reel or sheet form the E-LIDOGRAM® inlay integrates seamlessly into the polycarbonate structure bringing optical effects for polycarbonate documents to a new level.


polycarbonate passport inlay



Level 1

Identification with human eye

1. Interference pastel colours

Pastel colours are non-saturated soothing colours with non- iridescent tones. Whilst visually similar to printed pastels, when viewed at an angle displayed colour will change in tone or disappear altogether.

2. 3D sculpture effect with diffractive black

Designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional figure the feature delivers exceptional depth with natural shapes producing a lifelike appearance regardless of the viewing angle. The image is enhanced with complex addition of nano-structures in diffractive black recreating the intricate detail of individual elements.

3. 90-degree colour-shift effect

With contrast changes created in predetermined way, when the image is rotated through 90° colours switch from red to green and vice versa.

4. Full-parallax motion effect with contrast flip

Juxtaposed against a dark background the white-coloured characters exhibit striking movement in both horizontal and vertical directions depending on the viewing angle. When viewed upside down, the colour scheme flips to display the previously white-coloured characters in dark tones moving up and down or right and left on a white-coloured background.

5. Metallization

Polycarbonate is selectively metallized to provide an enhancement enabling additional counterfeit-proof feature.

Level 2

Identification with special devices

6. Double-channel kinetic hidden image

Covert feature consisting of images and characters invisible to the human eye, which move along the surface of the data page when illuminated with a simple laser device.

7. Multi-plane dynamic image – “e-Motion”

Lens magnification-based feature displaying an object moving in both horizontal and vertical directions when illuminated with a point source light.

Level  3

Expert control identification

8. 3D nano- sculptures Three-dimensional images visible through a microscope providing water-tight forensic-level security.

9. Nano-hatching

Visible through a microscope, the feature reproduces text dispersed randomly in the diffractive grating with letter thickness similar to the grating period.



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