The company has invested in equipment for production and application of holographic strip.

We could supply as well holographic strips in spools and security papers in rolls.

Technical capabilities:

11 channel Hologram Strip applicator

reel diameter for unwinding/rewinding stations: 1000mm,
pneumatic shafts diameter for unwinding rewinding stations: 70mm,
maximum paper path: 540mm,
maximum application width 520mm,
paper weight: 60 – 280 g/m2, paper thickness 70 – 320 micron
hologram spool: reel core diameter 76mm, external diameter: 250/300mm,
hologram stripes width: min. 3mm, max. 10mm,
minimum distance between flanked strips 40mm,
mechanic speed 100m/min, depending on quality of material used.

Spooling equipment

Material thickness: 12 – 50 μm
Working width of slitting machine: max. 300 mm
Parent roll diameter: max. 800 mm
Parent roll cores: cardboard cores, 3” (76 mm) I.D.
Slitting width: 3-7 mm
Machine speed: max. 250 m/min

Cores Type: cardboard cores: 3” (76mm) I.D.
Core width: 250mm
Spooling width: max. 200 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 400 mm

Min strip width 2 mm
Max strip length 10 000 mm

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