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The goal of  security FreeEdge™  Holographic Overlay is to protect the data and the photo on the passport’s data page against counterfeiting. It is allowing the information is kept legible and its authenticity can be controlled in a
simple and effective way. The overlay is transparent and does not interfere with reading personal data and
machine-readable code.

The FreeEdge™ laminate is a thin-film bespoke-formulation laminate developed for enhanced security and added design freedom. The solution introduces new materials and technique to preserve the security of passports and enable passport designers to add novel advanced features.
In these images you can see the FreeEdge™ with laminate edge shaped to display “PASSPORT”
The FreeEdge™ technology allows to form any desired shape of the overlay contour at the time of manufacture of the overlay, before application it at the top of the substrate.
Advantages of FreeEdge™ stripe technology:
– for application on top of a substrate can use lamination machine
– holographic image can be constructed from complex holographic structures (diffractive black non-spectral colour).
Holographic overlay  

Holographic Overlay FreeEdge™  supplied in rolls:
1. Machine-readable mark
2. Overlay patch
3. PET -film


The chemical and mechanical resistance of the overlay corresponds to the method described in ISO 18745-1 with the reagents specified in ISO 10373-1.

The lamination temperature for the overlay is 170 ± 5°C.

The overlay is resistant to temperature changes and durable during the period of validity of the passport issued (10 years).

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